Compact and OTE Block Watch Release Public Safety Strategy

 The Columbus Compact Corporation (“the Compact”) has been working with the Olde Towne East Block Watch and many other neighborhoods in the Near East and Near South areas of Columbus.

The organizations held a joint press conference on October 19, 2011, and the following are major elements of the Press Packet:

1.  Video rebuttal to Columbus City Council Chair Andrew Ginther’s comments in the 10/18/11 Dispatch, about the drug and gun issues that have started to plague the Near East and Near South sides of Columbus. After stonewalling for a year, Mr. Ginther referred to our efforts to spark the public debate as a “political stunt.” This video refutes any suggestion that this is not a real issue that people of real concern are seeking Council’s help in addressing.

2.  A coalition of Near East Side and South Side groups contends that Columbus City Council members have ignored their pleas for help to fight drugs and violence in their neighborhoods.

Neighborhood groups say council ignores anti-crime plan 

 3.  Compact and OTE Block Watch Release Public Safety Strategy


4.  Near East and Near South Neighborhood Safety Survey


5.  Columbus Safe Neighborhood Target Zone


6.  Community Goals for 9/29/11 Council Meeting on Drugs and Gun Violence in Columbus Neighborhoods


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